Homestay in Brisbane can be found through a number of services or privately.  This website,, offers quality accommodation at an affordable price and allows students to contact us directly regarding information and booking.

Homestay in Brisbane is offered by many online websites, however some limit direct contact with the host family. At Homestay Brisbane you are welcome to contact us by phone, email or skype.  If you are in Brisbane please feel free to come and visit to see the room and meet with us

Homestay Brisbane offers three rooms:

The Patio Room – Shared Bathroom The Breeze Room – Shared Bathroom The Garden View Room – Ensuite
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homestaybrisbane double

Homestay brisbane ensuite (3)

Long term $230 per week plus $10 for internet

One person only

see more information below

Long term $240 per week plus $10 for internet

One person only

see more information below

Long term $280 per week plus $10 for internet

Additional Person $100

see more information below

Some language schools and Universities providing homestay services set a weekly fee and make all arrangements directly with the host families on behalf of the homestay seeker.  However when you are looking for a private homestay in Brisbane the weekly fee may be higher or lower depending on:

  • how close the homestay is to the University or Language School 
  • the quality of the rooms and
  • the experience of the host family.  

At HomeStay Brisbane, we have the experience of hosting several international students since 2008, from 5 weeks to 18 months.  Most of these students have been placed with us through the University of Queensland, St Lucia, Homestay Program.  In addition we have taken other homestay students who have contacted us directly and made their own arrangements.  These homestay guests have stayed with us from 6 months to 18 months.

Homestay Brisbane guests can expect:

  • rooms that are clean and fresh
  • comfortable beds
  • quality bed sheets and towels
  • desk and table lamp
  • clean and modern bathroom.

However before choosing your homestay in Brisbane, you should ask about the cost of transport from the homestay to the University of Langauage School.  Depending on the suburb transport can be expensive and take up to an hour or more to arrive at the university or school. To find out more about transport costs please follow this link,  Homestay in Brisbane transport info link 

Please call us if you are looking for a homestay in Brisbane. Finding a homestay in Brisbane may be time consuming, but we hope that here at our Homestay Brisbane website you can find all the information you need. Please send us an email and we will try to find the information for you, even if you are going to stay with another family who offers homestay in Brisbane.

Need a homestay in Brisbane, then choose HomeStay Brisbane                         Patio Room

see shared bathroom

Student Homestay Brisbane St Lucia

Shared Bathroom Air-Conditioned Ceiling Fans Wardrobe            Desk and Chair Desk Lamp                 TV Arial Point



Short term less than 6 weeks $260 per week

Long term 7 weeks or more $230 per week

Wireless Internet Access available @ $10:00 per week

Homestay in Brisbane in our trendy King Single Bedroom Homestay in Brisbane, you'll love our asian room.


Need a homestay in Brisbane, then choose HomeStay Brisbane                           Breeze Room

see shared bathroom

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Shared Bathroom
Desk and Chair
Desk Lamp
TV Arial Point

homestaybrisbane double


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One Occupant Only

Short term less than 6 weeks    $270 per week

Long term more than 7 weeks  $240 per week

Wireless Internet Access available @ $10:00 per week


Need a homestay in Brisbane, then choose HomeStay Brisbane                     Shared Bathroom 

Patio and Breeze Rooms

Brisbane Homestay servicing St Lucia, Uni of Qld









Homestay Brisbane welcomes St Lucia, Uni of Queensland Brisbane Homestay Students.



Homestay Brisbane - Bath with overhead shower









Brisbane Homestay overhead shower


This is modern bathroom with lots of natural light.

Towels, hand towels and bathmats can be found in the small linen cabinet in the bathroom and you are welcome to use these.

Both guests sharing the bathroom are required to clean the bathroom on a weekly basis

Need a homestay in Brisbane, then choose HomeStay Brisbane                             Garden View 

Private Ensuite

Homestay brisbane ensuite (4)


Homestay Brisbane Student Accommodation








Homestay brisbane ensuite (9)


Private Ensuite                     AirConditioned               Ceiling Fans                Wardrobe                      Desk and Chair             Desk Lamp                          TV Arial Point


1 person per week

Short term 6 weeks or less $300 per week

Long Term 7 weeks or more $280 per week 


Additional person$100 per week

Wireless Internet Access available @ $10:00 per week per person


Need a homestay in Brisbane, contact us at

HomeStay Brisbane

for more information.


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If you would like to homestay in Brisbane with us but need more information please don't hesitate to contact us                  

We are only to happy help.


HomeStay Brisbane offers a homestay in Brisbane which is friendly, affordable and convenient.

Please note the following booking, confirmation and payment arrangments required by HomeStay Brisbane 

  • A non refundable booking or holding fee is payable upon your agreement to book a room.  
  • The non refundable booking or holding fee is 2 times the weekly rate of the room chosen.  This amount is refunded to you when you vacate your room on the end date of your agreement.
  • On the day of your arrival you will need to pay 2 weeks rent.
  • Rent is due at the end of each 4 week period.
  • Our fully furnished rooms include sheets, towels, linen, pillows and doona
  • We provide 2 meals per day – breakfast & your evening meal.
  • Breakfast is cereal, toast, tea and coffee
  • The evening meal is a typical Australian meal. Meat with Vegetables
  • As many students prefer to sleep in, eat at different times or are away on weekends, we generally do not prepare weekend lunches. Our homestay in brisbane guests are welcome to use the kitchen and the pantry to prepare their own weekend lunches.  
  • Our prices for weekly accommodation are similar to other high quality private HomeStay in Brisbane homes and are set so that we are able to provide the best service and lifestyle for our international guests.   
  • Our minimum stay is 4 weeks and may be extended by mutual agreement.  If a 4 week booking is extended, then at the end of the 6th week the reduced weekly price will apply.
  • As the student market is active only at certain times it is not appropriate to commit to a long term booking and then after arrival shorten it. If you wish to shorten your agreement you will need to continue to pay rent until a replacement homestay guest is found.
  • Wireless Internet access is available at $10:00 per week. 
  • Our Placement and Guest Policies are included in our Terms and Conditions.  Please read our Terms and Conditions here.


  • Your booking is only confirmed when you pay the booking or holding fee. 
  • The remaining two weeks for your first month's accommodation must be paid in full and in advance /or on the day of your arrival.
  • Please note your payment for your first month's accommodation includes your non-refundable book fee and the remaining 2 weeks paid in advance.  
  • Your next payment will be due on the Monday of week 4, 8, 12, 16  etc.
  • If you require our airport transfer service, this is also payable in adavance and only confirmed when payment and confirmed visa and flight details are received. 
  • We accept payment by
    • Credit Card (via PayPal),
    • Bank Deposit.

Please note an additional financial transaction fee may apply.


HomeStay in Brisbane with us. Please use this link to see  our other services